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Every business has ups and downs, issues, and gaps but the ambition and the motivation are here! At Trade 2 Africa, we transform these problems into smart solutions to drive your business towards success. Based on your needs and goals and from our experience in organizing high-level business meetings, we are dedicated to putting together your digital online event.

Your event is exclusive and unique. You will enjoy a smart platform where you will have the opportunity to present your business and showcase your projects to investors and partners. You will also benefit from exclusive pre-schedule 1-2-1 private meetings with high-level participants from prestigious institutions willing to do real business with you. 

What We Offer?

Project Management

We turn your ideas into a live event. From inception to the event itself, we execute and manage your entire project and make it come to life.

Event Production

Participants Management and Registration

Unlike many other event managers, we will send personalised invitations to key participants. Using our consulting expertise, we communicate with each institution to ensure attendees are the right fit for your projects.

 1 : 1 Business Meetings

One of our event planning’s most powerful advantages is our arrangement of private one-on-one meetings with institutions of your choice. This will enable you to communicate with our prestigious businesses and form strategic partnerships.

We curate quality attendees for your event. We bring high-level decision-makers and key business leaders on board, who can add value and contribute to your projects’ success.