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Whether you’d like to learn about best practices for gaining brand awareness, how to differentiate from your competitors, or develop a better strategy for finding valuable business partners, our expert team is here to give you advice and guidance. 


Networking Opportunities

  • New potential clients and opportunities

  • Increase in sales and profit ratio

  • Turning leads into fully-fledged customers

  • Maximise profits and generate awareness

  • Contribute to a positive ROI

We have created a smart and innovative platform for organisations and institutions seeking to strengthen their client portfolio and make qualified connections for expanding their business. Our researchers dig deep to deliver outstanding results in your niche.

Instead of one-size-fits all events, we put together events tailored to your goals and budget. We also offer African business intelligence and data-driven services to improve your commercial understanding, market-entry strategies and decision-making



We tailor smart solutions to your business and connect you with appropriate enterprises and investors. We offer a digital business platform for customers to connect with new clients, investors, partners, agents, distributors and collaborators from your specific sector.

      We also develop Africa-focussed business intelligence and data-driven services to give you better strategic insight, market understanding and improve your commercial planning.  

Trade 2 Africa’s expert team delivers tailored events, exhibitions, and high-level round tables. We also develop business intelligence and data-driven services to improve insights, decision making, and results.

Sitting at the heart of the world’s international financial market, Trade 2 Africa plays a central role in bringing growing African companies together to connect with globally-minded investors and corporate service providers from around the globe.

Our purpose is to inform and enable organisations to develop new trade and investment opportunities across Africa. Trade 2 Africa aims to provide support for UK businesses seeking routes to market to trade in Africa. We also connect African businesses with export and other commercial ventures with the UK. Similarly, we also leverage our connections to introduce investors to new opportunities in the UK.



We offer innovative consulting services to help businesses in the UK and across Africa to connect through our ability to provide market intelligence, professional networking and knowledge exchange. We aim to understand your business, showcase your projects, facilitate market penetration and achieve your commercial objectives through our smart platform and specialist services. We collaborate with our intelligence partners together with our portfolio of investors and database of businesses to effectively meet your commercial aims. We have multi-sector expertise together with a working knowledge of all African regions. We are experts in understanding both Francophone and Anglophone Africa with a multi-lingual team to help you navigate both markets.

Trade 2 Africa is a platform providing tailored solutions for your trade and investment requirements in Africa. We deliver expert business intelligence, introductions, events and customised projects. We customise our solutions to your specific commercial aims, budgets, time scale and capabilities. From connecting you to trusted professional service providers to organising c-suite roundtables or senior leadership business forums, our services are precisely tailored to your goals. We aspire to ensure all our services contribute towards creating a more sustainable and equitable future for the continent’s people, environment and economic development. We look forward to be your partner for overcoming challenges and unlocking opportunities in the African marketplace.   




Trade 2 Africa offers a range of services, whether you are a public or private company, government entity, or corporate service provider. We create solutions to help your business find success and maximise revenue.

Collating Data

We are in the business of innovative and productive solutions, known for our commitment to achieving the best results. We merge solutions and management consulting to help organisations succeed. Our management consulting services focus on our customers’ critical issues and opportunities. We bring market insights and industry research, and we dig deeper to provide unparalleled results.

Customised Solutions 

Tremendous opportunities to take advantage of smart solutions to upscale your business

Networking Platform

Connect and access to most powerful influencers, key business leaders and decison-makers

Deal Making

Make smart decisions, accelerate your business,maximise profits and generate revenue



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